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Hey everyone! Welcome to my simblr; this is where I post the daily life of my little simmies ^.^ I hope you enjoy viewing it!
Just want you guys to know that I change my theme A LOT. So if you see a theme you like for my page please inform me by sending an ask.
I simply adore this whole simblr community. And I love the sims itself, so I'm glad I have a blog for it.
Always feel free to ask me anything, or you can just stop by my ask box to chat with me! Don't be shy, I won't bite. :P
My pictures are in HD, and if you see something you like and decide to save it in your computer and upload it again please give credit to me.
I appreciate all kinds of responses to my posts, even if it is criticism. Please don't forget to respond. That's all for now! Don't forget to leave your shoes at the URL :P I love you guys.

Damn you, Lucky Palms. You take my breath away.